Tri-State DMR Talkgroups

Time Slot Talkgroup Name Area Activation
1 8 Tri-State 11 repeaters in IL, IN, WI 24/7
2 1 Worldwide (all Languages) Worldwide PTT on Demand
2 3 North America North America PTT on Demand
2 13 Worldwide English Worldwide PTT on Demand
2 3169 Midwest Regional USA 24/7
2 9 Talk Linked Reflector 24/7
2 5000 Status Local Repeater 1s PTT
2 4000 Disconnect Local Repeater 1s PTT
2 4xxx Various Reflectors Various 1s PTT

The following default reflectors are active on TS2.

Time Slot Talkgroup Reflector Reflector Name Repeater Location
2 9 4636 IllinoisLink Multimode (Dstar, DMR, Fusion, NXDN) Illinois
2 9 4607 Indiana Statewide Indiana
2 9 4637 Michigan Statewide Michigan
2 9 4606 Wisconsin Statewide Wisconsin

You may also connect to any of these 350+ reflectors that have an inactivity timeout of 15 mins:

DMR Plus Reflectors

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Use only these talkgroups and do not create your own. No exceptions.

* These talkgroups are in beta test phase and may be unavailable at times or discontinued in the future.